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Everything flowing


Welcome to XACTWERBUNG, the agency on the River Spree in Berlin that’s been advising clients on marketing, advertising, and communication strategies for 25 years. Our allegiances here are to you – and our friend in spirit, Simplicius, who captured Heraclitus’ obscure and lengthy thought* in a nutshell: “panta rhei”.

Even though some things flow a bit differently in Berlin than they did by the Ionian Sea in late Antiquity, we still think similarly, striving to get to the point and racking our brains to offer our customers the very best solutions. We do this in a spirit of partnership, embracing interdisciplinarity and all media. Smart, effective, and with the highest standards of quality and results. Come and take a look :)

*”Πάντα χωρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει - Pánta chorei kaì oudèn ménei” – which essentially means “Go to the xact people on the Spree, you won’t regret it”.


Our recruitment specialist for finance, IT, sales, and marketing roles in Berlin. Seeking and finding the best – with guaranteed success.View client

Tizian WohnWert

Property has always been a safe bet, and it’s been getting even better in recent years. It’s also better to have the right partner to guide your investment.View client

Gradue Lab

Parametric design realised with true workmanship is like making an elephant fly – only more attractive. Take a look at this amazing design from Berlin.View client